Frequently asked questions about Lingo.


Do I need the Mac App to use Lingo?

You’ll need the Mac App to perform content creation/organization functions like adding and reordering assets. However, all content is accessible from both the Mac App and the Web App.

What applications does the Lingo Mac App work with?

The Lingo Mac App uses the clipboard and standard file formats such as PNG and PDF to send content. It works with a vast number of applications including Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer and Keynote.

What types of content can I store in Lingo?

You can add files (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, EPS, and PDF), colors (HEX, RGB, and HSB) and Sketch assets via plugin (Symbols, Text Styles, Layer Styles, Artboards, Groups and Layers).

Does the Lingo Mac App work with Sketch?

Yes, Lingo fully supports Sketch via its plugin.

Does the Lingo Mac App work with Photoshop or Illustrator?

You can copy and paste layers and layer groups from Photoshop or Illustrator directly into Lingo. These assets will be added in as PDF or PNG depending on your preferences. Lingo does not store Photoshop or Illustrator files (.psd or .ai).

Can I add camera RAW files to Lingo?

No. We recommend converting camera RAW files to JPEG before importing them into Lingo.

Storage & security

Where are my assets stored?

Assets added to the Lingo Mac App are stored on the application support folder of the operating system. Assets are always uploaded to our secure servers so they can be shared with the people you want to collaborate with and accessed via the Web App.

Why can’t I add certain assets to Lingo?

The assets you’re trying to add to Lingo might not be supported for 2 reasons, either they exceed the 20 MB per asset limit or they are not a supported file type.

What if I need more than 100 GB storage?

If you need more than a 100 GB please contact us at

Are my assets available offline?

Yes, because assets are stored locally on your computer they are available even when you don’t have an internet connection.

How are my assets secured?

Lingo transfers assets to and from its servers using SSL with TLS v1.2 and forward secrecy. Assets are stored on Lingo’s servers using AES-256 encryption. We recommend enabling Apple's FileVault if you require assets to be encrypted locally on your computer. Lingo versions 1.0 and 1.0.1 transfer files using SSL with TLS v1.1 or later.


Can I use Lingo for free?

You can use Lingo for free with an unlimited number of users and up to 250 assets.

Why is my plan paused?

Only paid plans can be paused. Plans are paused because a scheduled payment was not able to process. This is usually due to an expired credit card or a problem with your bank. Your plan will be restored when the scheduled payment is successfully processed.

What happens when my plan is paused?

When your plan is paused you can not make any changes to your Lingo except for removing people from your space and changing who the owner of the space is. You are able to use the assets in your space.


I forgot my password, what now?

You can reset your password by visiting the password reset page.


Where can I find my invoices?

All your invoices are stored on the Billing page. With every charge we’ll email you a “Invoice Ready” email that links to your invoices.

How do I add additional info (like VAT) to my invoices?

You can add additional info to both upcoming and past invoices on the Billing page. To update upcoming invoices, locate the “Card Info” section and press the “Change card” button. To update past invoices, locate the “Invoice History” section and press the edit icon.


What’s the difference between Admins and Members?

Admins have access to all kits on the space. They can always edit a kit's content. They can add new and existing users to kits. Lastly, they can also add new users to the space. Members have access to only the kits that were assigned by an Admin. They can only edit a kit's content if allowed by an Admin.

Can I assign an Admin to only a few kits?

No, Admins always have access to all kits on the space.

Can I assign a Member to only a few kits?

Yes, Members can be assigned to specific kits and they will only have access to those kits. If you wish to grant them access to all existing and newly created kits you can do so by enabling access to ‘All kits’ on the change role and access modal window.

Can Admins edit a kit’s content?

Yes, Admins can always edit a kit’s content.

Can Members edit a kit’s content?

Yes, Members can edit a kit’s content, but only if they have been given permission by an Admin.

How do I transfer ownership of a space?

The space owner has the ability to transfer ownership to any other admin that is already part of that space. To do so, log in to your account at, click on the gear icon (top right corner), select “Billing”, find the appropriate space and select “Transfer ownership”. You can then select the admin you wish to transfer ownership of the space to. If the person you are looking for does not appear on the list, it means they have not yet accepted your invitation to the space or they have not been granted admin access. A member's role can be changed to admin by selecting the “Make them an admin” link found in the middle of the page. When transferring a space, the new owner will take ownership immediately and continue to have the current billing information associated with this space.


How do I re-order assets and sections?

In the app, turn on edit mode by clicking the “Edit” button found in the middle rail of the app, towards the bottom. While in edit mode you can click and drag your assets and rearrange them in whatever order you want. You can also rearrange your sections by dragging them up or down. When you’re done, press the “Done” button and your changes will sync to everyone who has access to the kit.

Can I share my design language with someone outside of my team?

Yes, you can generate a public link that allows anyone access to your design language, no account required. To do this press the “Share kit” button and then “Manage link”.

Can I download assets from the web?

You can download assets online by logging into your account at If you are in the app, you can get there by clicking on “Overview” and then select “Open in Browser”, which is found on the right side panel. Once logged into you can switch between your different Spaces (top left corner), if you have more than one. Select the kit you want, select the asset you want and select the “Download” button.

Sketch plugin

I don't see the plugin in Sketch.

To install the plugin go to Lingo > Preferences > Advanced > “Install Sketch plugin” and then restart Sketch. In Sketch you can find it under Plugins > Lingo.

I have installed the plugin but I still can’t find it in Sketch.

The plugin plugin requires macOS 10.12 Sierra. Double check the version of your operating system.

How do I add Text Styles or Layer Styles using the plugin?

To add Text Styles or Layer Styles, make sure you don’t have anything selected in Sketch and press the “Push All” button. You’ll get a confirmation sheet with an overview of what is being pushed to Lingo.

When I “Pull All” nothing happens.

Pressing the “Pull All” button, exclusively pulls the Symbols, Text Style and Layer Styles of your design language into the Sketch file. If nothing is being added to your document when you “Pull All”, chances are your design language is made out of Artboards, Groups, Layers.