Lingo establishes a shared design language for your team to work with,
taking uncertainty out of the equation and leading to an increase in
efficiency and productivity.

Add & store

Store the building blocks of your design language in one single location that can be shared with your entire team. Store anything – UI components (via Sketch plugin), brand logos, illustrations, icons, colors and more.


Add JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, EPS, and PDF file formats.

Color palettes

Add colors in HEX, RGBa and HSBa formats.

UI components (sketch assets)

Add Symbols, Text Styles, Layer Styles, Artboards, Groups and Layers using the Sketch plugin.

Bulk add files

Quickly add multiple files from any folder in your computer using the insert panel.

Bulk add colors

Easily create a color palette by pasting in a list of HEX values.

Drag & drop to add

Add assets – individually or in bulk – from a folder or your favorite apps by simply dragging and dropping.

Copy & paste to add

Add assets – individually or in bulk – from your favorite apps by simply copying and pasting.

Replace assets

Replace any asset by simply right clicking the asset or adding a new asset with an exact name match of an existing asset.

Selective sync

Choose which design languages need to be on your computer at all times and free up disk space by unsyncing less used languages.


Establish a common understanding of your design language by easily customizing its presentation.

Flexible organization

Group and structure your design language into sections according to your needs.

Inline notes

Write contextual notes directly inline with the building blocks of your design language and ensure it gets used the correct way.


Present your design language exactly the way you want by entering edit mode and reordering content.

Display options

Easily change the background color of the asset cells – light (default), dark, checkered or no background.


Lingo is a design library crafted to help you find content faster, boosting your productivity.

Browse visually

Visually browse your design language and forget about nested folders and list views.


Tag assets so they’re easier to find using search. Using the Sketch plugin? Lingo will auto tag Assets / Named / Like / This.


Quickly find the content you need to use by searching for asset names or tags.


Lingo works with the apps you already use – Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Keynote and more.

Drag & drop to use

Effortlessly use your design language by simply dragging and dropping into your favorite apps.

Copy & paste to use

Take a shortcut and copy and paste from Lingo into your favorite apps.

Smart drag

Use your assets with any app, independently of file type. Lingo provides all available file types, allowing the destination app to choose which one to use.

Alternate file cuts

Have an SVG but need a PNG? Worry not, Lingo automagically generates alternate file types of every asset you put in.

Color code snippets

Get snippets of code for quickly using colors in macOS, iOS, Android, and Web development.

Style attributes

Get the CSS attributes of Text and Layer Styles added to Lingo with the Sketch plugin.

Sketch plugin

Use the Sketch plugin to manage a design system that is usable by your entire organization, even non-designers.


Grant teammates and freelancers access to your design language and empower them to create on their own.

Share links

Easily share any asset with anyone by simply sending a link.

Private sharing

Share privately so only people invited to your design language can access it.

Public sharing

Share publicly so anyone with a link to your design language can access it. No account required.

Web view

Your design language on the Web so even non-Mac users can access it.


Control who has access to your design language and who can and can’t edit it.


Set the perfect level of control from two role types – Admin or Member.

Member Access

Decide if Members should have access to your entire library or only a select few design languages.


Control which Members can and can’t make changes to your design language.

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