Lingo combines the power of a digital asset manager with the context of a style guide.
It makes you and your team more productive. All while ensuring brand consistency.


Features to help you build a home for your brand and product.

Picture of file storage features


Store logos, photos, icons, illustrations, and more. Lingo supports JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, EPS, PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote, Powerpoint, Pages, and Word.

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Picture of color storage feature


Document your brand’s digital and print color palette and ensure everyone uses the right shade of gray, not all 50.

Picture of Font storage feature


Store fonts alongside other brand assets. Add TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 font files. Add fonts that are already installed on your Mac, or add fonts from Google Fonts.

Picture of Sketch assets storage feature

Sketch Assets

Store all components of your Sketch design system. Lingo supports Symbols, Text Styles, Layer Styles, Artboards, Groups, and Layers.

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Picture of code snippet feature

Code Snippets

Add a code snippet to help your team’s developers translate design into code.

Curation and organization

Features designed to help you showcase and contextualize your digital assets.

Picture of usage guidelines features

Usage Guidelines

Write usage guidelines inline with the digital assets you store in Lingo. Content and context in one place.

Picture of manual sorting feature

Manual Sorting

Give your assets meaning by controlling how they’re visually arranged.

Picture of tags feature


Make assets easy to discover through search by tagging them with unique keywords. Tags ensure you can always find what you’re looking for.

Picture of unlimited kits feature

Unlimited Kits

A kit is a home for your digital assets. In Lingo you can create as many kits as you need at no extra charge.


Apps and features to boost productivity and consistency.

Picture of Mac App

Mac App

Drag & drop (or copy & paste) into the apps you already use. The Mac App makes your digital assets available right from your desktop, so you can work much faster. Drag. Drop. Done.

Picture of Web App

Web App

Have teammates that aren't on a Mac? No problem. Your brand and product assets are also accessible on the Web, so everyone on your team can use them.

Picture of Sketch Plugin

Sketch Plugin

Use Lingo as a hub for your Sketch design system.

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Picture of Sketch Plugin


Access your content programmatically and build your own digital asset management workflows.

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Picture of automatic file conversion feature

Automatic File Conversion

Have an SVG but need a PNG? Lingo auto-generates alternate file types of every asset you put in. No more time wasted handling asset conversion requests.

Picture of asset resizing feature

Asset resizing

Need a logo at 2x for your presentation? In Lingo you can save time by changing the dimensions of an asset before downloading it.


Features to help you scale your team and share your digital assets with control.

Picture of user management features

User Management

Specify user roles and control who has access to what.

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Picture of private & public kits feature

Private & Public Kits

Control how your kits are shared. Privately amongst teammates. Or publicly with anyone with an access link.

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Picture of custom branding feature

Custom Branding

Your brand. Your product. Add a logo and an accent color to customize Lingo for your organization. Make things look and feel official.

Picture of kit versioning feature

Kit Versioning

Control how and when changes to kits are shared with your team, and roll back to a previous version if needed.

Picture of export controls feature

Export Controls

Ensure assets are never used at the incorrect size or in the wrong file type by creating preset exports.

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