Empower Creation and
Ensure Brand Consistency

Build and Share libraries of visual assets with your entire team — all from your desktop.

Lingo Mac App

A Visual Workflow to Find Things Faster

Stop looking, start seeing. Forget about rummaging for assets nested deep in folders. Lingo is visual just like most of the work you do.

A Shared Visual Library That Empowers Others to Create

Build a shared visual library accessible to your team. Stop being the middleman and empower everyone with your brand assets so you can focus on what's important to you.

A Consistent Output for Maintaining a Strong Brand

Establish one central source of truth for your team’s assets to ensure a consistent brand output. No more questioning or second guessing, everything in Lingo is ready to be used.

Build Your Team’s Visual Library

Collect, Organize, and Use your assets faster than ever.

  • Any & All Visual Types

    Add all common visual assets to Lingo — JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, EPS, and PDF.

  • Colors

    Lingo supports your brand in full color. Add HEX, RGB, or HSB to your kits.

  • Drag & Drop + Copy & Paste

    Easily build a visual library by simply dragging and dropping assets into Lingo. Better yet, copy and paste to do it even faster.

  • Simple Organization — Kits & Groups

    Organize your entire library into sharable kits. Need more structure? Just group visually similar assets within a kit. No nesting, it’s that simple!

  • Dynamic Search

    Search kits for any asset and see the results update as you type. Filter your search by asset type or go broader and search Lingo globally.

  • Powerful Tags

    Tag individual or multiple assets at once so everyone can easily find what they need.

  • Alternate File Types

    Get more than what you put in. Need a PNG instead of an SVG? Lingo automatically creates alternate file types.

  • Favorites

    Favorite assets that you commonly use so you can get to them faster. Or just favorite assets that look cool to you!

Share Your Team’s Visual Library

Manage, share, and distribute your assets to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Collaboration

    Invite people to specific kits and empower them to create on their own.

  • Direct Links

    Send a link to a kit, group, or asset so anyone can quickly get to the content.

  • Permissions

    Control who can add or modify content in a kit.

  • Dashboard

    Manage from one central place. Add and remove team members, kits, and define who has control over what.

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