Scale consistency

Lingo is a design library made for your entire team – everyone from
designers to developers and marketers to managers can use it.

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Teams use Lingo to establish a shared design language to work with,
automating consistency and increasing efficiency.

A single source of truth

Store UI components (Sketch plugin), icons, colors, photos, illustrations and more in one shared location.

Limitless customization

Create sections, add notes and reorder assets to
provide context and guidance to anyone pulling from
your design language.

Permissions management

Control who has access to what.

Works the way you do

Drag & drop, copy & paste or use the Sketch plugin to
manage your design language.


Empower everyone in your organization,
even non designers, to express their ideas by
pulling from your design language.

Web view

Ensure your design language can be accessed by
anyone on your team, including those on PC’s.

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