Unify your brand with Lingo

Everything your team needs to develop and maintain a visual language.


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Designed to empower everyone

A macOS app that makes building and using your visual language easier than ever. Web access expands Lingo’s use to everyone, including PC users.

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A single source of truth


Gather all your assets in one place

  • Any visual type


  • Color

    HEX, RGB, or HSB color support.


Organize, tag and make them visually discoverable

  • Kits

    Easily organize your assets into shareable kits.

  • Tags

    Quickly add tags to your assets so you can find them faster.

  • Gallery view

    See all your assets at a glance.

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Share to Empower


Add your team and control who has access to what

  • Roles

    Set teammates to Admin to help you manage and grow the team.

  • Kit access

    Control which Members have access to which kits.

  • Permissions

    Control which Members can and can’t make changes to specific kits.


Share your assets with the team or the world

  • Private sharing

    Share privately so only people invited to the kit can access.

  • Public sharing

    Share publicly so anyone with the link can access. No login required.

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A consistent output. Together


Build Faster

  • Drag & drop and copy & paste

    Using your assets has never been easier.

  • Search

    Powerful search helps you find your assets quickly.


Do more with your assets

  • Automatic file type conversion

    Get alternate file types of every asset you put in.

  • Color code snippets

    Get code snippets for macOS, iOS, Android, and web development.

  • Direct asset sharing

    Direct people to the right asset by sharing a link in one click.

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